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Following the Missionary Call, Hand in Hand - Maggie Banga

Mark began attending the Newman Centre when he moved to the city in 2001. He was a member of the enthusiastic and tireless team that helped bring Pope John Paul II and the World Youth Day to Toronto (2002). He and I met the following year, chopping potatoes across from one another at St Francis Table, a Newman outreach ministry.

Memories of Newman: Grace Upon Grace - Sr. John Mary

"In the designs of Providence, there are no mere coincidences." - St. John Paul II

Journeying Together Towards Christ - Natalie Doummar

An excerpt from a speech given by Natalie Doummar at Newman Centre’s 2018 Graduation Mass and Banquet. There are three aspects that have marked my five years at the Newman Centre. 

A Millennial's Perspective - Samuel Klumpenhouwer

I belong to what is called the millennial generation. Some people like to tease us by calling us the “snowflake generation.” This generation is now in their twenties and early thirties. Most people aren’t sure what to make of us, or how we will turn out. We are currently studying in university or struggling to find a career. We are no longer children, but we don’t like to think of ourselves as adults either. We are often entirely unsure of what to do with our lives.

Serving the Poor and the Hungry - Elisa Kwon

In the last few months, some students who are members of Counterpoint, a group associated with Communion and Liberation that meets at the Newman Centre, have been volunteering at St. Ann’s parish with their food bank, a part of the Daily Bread Food Bank. Each Saturday, the food bank supports hundreds of individuals in need of food assistance, and volunteers help with sorting, moving, and distributing the donated food.


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