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To Live or to Die? There is no Question

By Sarah Gagliano 

Individuals in the province of Quebec may now be able to choose to end their own lives prematurely. On June 5, the National Assembly of Quebec voted on Bill 52that legalizes euthanasia on demand in that province. It passed 94-22.

Reflection on the United Nations Study Session 2014 by Daniela

This past March, Darren Pereira and I had been given the generous opportunity by the Newman Centre to attend a conference in the city that never sleeps: New York.  From March 20th to March 22nd, students, academics, and other professionals participated in the United Nations Study Session of 2014, “The Water Crisis: A Call to Action.” 

Reflection on the Social Justice Lecture Series: by Karol Czuba

Easter Reflections

This Easter will mark the fourth anniversary of my confirmation into the Catholic Church. The event is still fresh in my mind, and Lent is for me a season of reflection, of bringing up memories of my RCIA program and the various preparations I made before becoming a Catholic. I was raised in the Evangelical tradition, and have no animosity towards it.

The Cardinal's Dinner: by Natalie Doummar

On Friday night, a group of Newman students went to St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto and attended a delicious dinner, and an insightful talk by Cardinal Thomas Collins.

The Cardinal discussed three main points: intentionality, the purpose of Lent, and the activities we should be doing in Lent.


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