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Easter Reflections

This Easter will mark the fourth anniversary of my confirmation into the Catholic Church. The event is still fresh in my mind, and Lent is for me a season of reflection, of bringing up memories of my RCIA program and the various preparations I made before becoming a Catholic. I was raised in the Evangelical tradition, and have no animosity towards it.

The Cardinal's Dinner: by Natalie Doummar

On Friday night, a group of Newman students went to St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto and attended a delicious dinner, and an insightful talk by Cardinal Thomas Collins.

The Cardinal discussed three main points: intentionality, the purpose of Lent, and the activities we should be doing in Lent.

A Year with the Pope: by Tashia Toupin

Pope Francis has completely enamored the world with his practical application of the gospel values that Christians should strive to follow.  The media picks up time and time again glimpses of what a wonderful man is leading a wonderful Church.  The thing is that Francis instead of pontificating about what Christians should be doing, how we should be living and giving us guidelines to live by he is simply doing what we should be doing.  He is living out an example

Street Patrol: by Nathan Fernandes

A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend the monthly street patrol organized by the Newman Catholic Student Club. Myself and a few other students were able to make sandwiches and then distribute them to homeless people throughout downtown Toronto. I was looking forward to the event being able to go out and provide for those who have less than us is a great way to live out our faith.

Bioethics and Love: by Natalie Doummar

Last Friday to Sunday, about 30 Newman-goers went on a retreat centred around bioethics in the beautiful Niagara region. We participated in talks by our honourary guest Dr. Moira McQueen, had Mass and an Adoration service, and shared in a lot of great fellowship!


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