Catholicism as Truth - Krishna Joseph Vaz Santhakumar

I was baptized at the Newman Centre during the Easter of 2017. I wouldn’t really claim, however, that it was the moment of my conversion. My baptism gave me new life, the only problem was that I knew not what that entailed. If you can tell by my first and last name, I grew up a Hindu for most of my life; I was not necessarily devout, but I did think of myself as a believer. I took pride in identifying as a Hindu. In my earlier years of high school, I resorted to atheism and in my last two years I converted to some type of deism, and thus began my journey.

God was so kind that He revealed Himself to me through the way He knew most effective: reason. My godfather Rashad Rehman, one of my closest brothers in Christ – Massimo Lobue, and my grade 11 philosophy teacher Mr. Paul Coates are all the people that God used to nurture a seed that had been planted earlier than I thought. However, instead of my baptism, I think my conversion is much more of an interesting and fruitful story. The reason I make a distinction between my baptism and conversion is because the latter was an instance (amongst many to come I believe) that brought me closer to Christ in faith, and the former was me understanding God through reason, but lacking faith.

During a minor panic attack just prior to my baptism, if it had not been for my godfather, I may not have been Catholic that night. His exact words: “Krishna, God loves you, and now is your time to say yes”. How much truer can anything else be? The fascination that I have for Christ’s love, for it is unprecedented, will remain that way forever. Call Christianity what you may, but not one person can deny that love conveyed by Christ is such that it cannot ontologically be conveyed by any other being, divine or not. It was in understanding such a concept that truly brought me to our Lord. I’ve heard plenty of times about the logical consistency of God being that which nothing greater can be conceived, and Him being unconditionally all loving was necessary of His nature, but it was at a specific moment that another Newman Student Campus Minister, Alexis Motschall, made me understand it without using reason. This isn’t to say other members of the community did not help me, rather it was especially this instance that was a stepping stone to me encountering Christ.

My encounter happened when Jose Mendez Campos, one who is defined truly as a friend, brought me with him to Adoration. I was overwhelmed with Christ’s love. God has been constantly using people of all sorts to bring me towards Himself. The Newman Centre has been the quintessential point in my life that enabled me to become a follower. Yes, studying the natural theological arguments for the existence of God along with historical evidence of Christ can help one know the Lord, but to abbreviate St. Thomas Aquinas: who cares? Knowing God as love is sufficient.


Krishna Joseph Vaz Santhakumar (far right in the photo with the Student Campus Ministry team) is a 2017-18 Newman Student Campus Minister and is in his second undergraduate year studying Philosophy at the University of Toronto. 

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