Chastity in Daily Life - Chelsea Santiago

When I was little I would take my Dad’s model cars and reassemble them. But there was this one car I couldn’t put back together so I hid it in fear of my dad getting angry. When confronted I was ashamed, but my Dad didn’t care he just smiled, and we reassembled it together.

One hurdle I had to face was my same sex attraction. Growing up I was led to believe that I wasn’t likeable. On top of that I believed God didn’t like me because of my attraction to girls not boys; and I fought that feeling. Theatre helped me to see the worth that I couldn’t find within myself and I began to accept myself in all aspects. However, I still saw God as a judgemental figure in my life, so I decided I would avoid anything to do with faith.

During campus group day in my first year, a free pen tempted me into joining the Catholic Association. I immediately regretted it but was convinced to join a faith study; and slowly I began to see God in a different light. September 29, 2013 was the day I said yes. It was during Mass on the feast day of St. Michael. Hearing the story of when he defended heaven against Satan I thought to myself if he can do that why can’t I fight my insecurity.

I learned that the real battle happens after you put God at the center of your life but through it all God is always there. And together like that model car and my dad I was ashamed. Still, God just wanted my honesty and we began to put the pieces back together.

[Chelsea Santiago is a Performance Production Student at Ryerson University and a passionate Game of Thrones Fan ]


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