Serving the Poor and the Hungry - Elisa Kwon

In the last few months, some students who are members of Counterpoint, a group associated with Communion and Liberation that meets at the Newman Centre, have been volunteering at St. Ann’s parish with their food bank, a part of the Daily Bread Food Bank. Each Saturday, the food bank supports hundreds of individuals in need of food assistance, and volunteers help with sorting, moving, and distributing the donated food. Among the students in Counterpoint, the desire to volunteer comes from the proposal of Communion and Liberation to participate in charitable work to be taught that the ultimate law of existence is charity and gratuitousness.

As Fr. Giussani, the founder of Communion and Liberation, says, “Above all, our very nature requires us to be interested in others. When there is something beautiful within us, we desire to communicate it to others…The supreme law of our being is to share in the being of others, to live in communion. Only Jesus Christ reveals this to us, because He knows what everything truly is, who God, from whom we are born truly is, what Being truly is. I am able to understand the word ‘charity’ when I remember that the Son of God… became poor like one of us: He ‘shared’ our nothingness. We do charitable work in order to live like Christ.”

Volunteering at the food bank at St. Ann’s parish has been an occasion for us to participate in this mystery of sharing our lives with others, as Christ demonstrates to us by sharing His life with us in our everyday lives. We have experienced many joys by getting to know and work with the volunteers at St. Ann’s, as well as the community that the food bank serves on a weekly basis. Witnessing the visible peacefulness on the faces of my friends in Counterpoint and the other volunteers at St. Ann’s shows me that there is something in our Christian experience that is beautiful and natural to share with others. Returning to this place every few weeks is an opportunity to see again the beauty of living in communion with others and living with Christ through this work. Although the work can also be challenging, it has been a beautiful experience for us to be recalled through this work to the meaning of charitable work, and to what it means to share our lives with others.

We welcome anyone interested in joining us to get in touch with Alexandra Whittle at the Newman Centre!

Elisa Kwon is a member of Counterpoint, a movement in the Church which has the purpose of forming its members in Christianity in order to make them coworkers in the Church’s mission in all areas of society. 


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