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To Young People and Children

During his October 2012 visit to Lebanon, Pope Benedict released the apostolic exhortation “Ecclesia in Media Oriente” (The Church in the Middle East). The text below is his address to the Youth of the Middle East, but equally appropriate for those in the West.

I greet with paternal solicitude all the children and young peole of the church in the Middle East. My thoughts turn to the young, who are searching for long-term human and Christian direction of their lives. At the same time I think of all those whose youth has been marked by a gradual move away from the church, leading them to abandon the practice of religion.

On Monastic Life and Poetry: An Interview with Fr. Isaac Slater

Fr. Isaac Slater, originally from the Toronto area, is a Trappist monk, currently prior at The Abbey of the Genesee, near Rochester New York. He is working toward a licentiate in theology at The Catholic University of America. A book of his poems, Surpassing Pleasure, was published last spring, and the year before that, The Tangled Braid, a co-translation of poems by the Persian poet Hafiz. He has published articles in the field of monastic studies, most recently in the Oxford journal of Literature and Theology, and a book-length study on Bernard of Clairvaux is forthcoming. 

Fr. Isaac visited the Newman Centre to celebrate mass and host a Q & A this past Wednesday, October 31. In this interview he shares his thoughts on monastic life, creativity, and the relationship between the two.  

In Celebration of St. Kateri

During my time as an undergraduate at the University of Alberta, I lived in a residence called Kateri House. It was a small women's residence run by St. Joseph's College, and had space for only fourteen women. I moved in during my first year of university and stayed until I graduated.

Students at the Front line of the New Evangelization: Modern Day Martyrs

By Greg

On August 11, 2012 Bishop Malone of New York outlined the need for modern day martyrs. So how can one be a martyr, especially a high school or a university student?  When thinking about martyrdom we assume that it requires death. The greatest martyrs throughout Christian history willingly and without hesitation gave their lives up for the sake of Truth. Martyrdom does not solely require death; it requires striving for sainthood. 

On Saints, Grace, and Patience

By Natasha

Recently, I have been reading a lot about saints, and how God worked in such amazing ways in their lives. In addition to their amazing faith and dedication, what strikes me lately is how all of their lives were so different. From Padre Pio to Blessed Pier Giorgio, and Mother Teresa to St. Thérèse of Lisieux (for a great blog post on the Little Way of St. Thérèse, check out this post at Experimental Theology), God had a unique plan for each and every one of these children of His. And so it is for us.


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