St Patrick's Day Parade - Sunday, March 15

The parade formation and road closures effectively block Newman on all sides.  These roads will be closed from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for traffic control and Parade formation: Harbord St., from Huron St. to St. George St. (full road); St. George St., from College St. to Bloor St. W. (full road); Devonshire Place, from a point 125 metres north of Hoskin Av to Bloor St. W. (full road); Hoskin Av., from Queen's Park Cr. to St. George St. (full road).

This year, with the assistance of the Academic and Campus Events office at the University of Toronto, drivers to and from Newman have been granted special access to park in the Rotman underground parking garage on 107 St. George Street.  In order to get through the police monitored barricades, a special pass may be printed and shown to the police officers at 2 intersections.  The driving route that parishioners are requested to take is:

  1. South on Huron
  2. East on Harbord to St. George (Police will be posted at Huron and Harbord)
  3. North on St. George to the parking garage (police will also be posted at this corner)

Police and event organizers will all be made aware by their respective people that cars will be coming through with these signs on the dash, and that pedestrians will be making their way to the Mass.

Please print the electronic version of the access sign.


Thank you for your attention to this matter and hope to see you at Mass on March 15th.


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