Visiting the Sick

As an extension of the Sunday liturgy, Newman volunteers bring the Eucharist to Catholic patients at Mount Sinai, Princess Margaret hospital and Kensington Gardens.

Commitment: Visitation of hospitals after the Sunday liturgy once every four weeks.

The mission of the Pastoral Visitors of the Sick and Dying is to bring the presence of Christ and the Church to those in need, in particular, to those who are sick and dying. A Lay Pastoral Visitor is a disciple of Jesus, a person called by God and sent in service to another by the Newman Centre Parish Community, to bring a tangible presence of the community of faith to those in need.

The Lay Pastoral Visitor brings a caring presence, a willingness to listen, and is a minister of Word and Sacrament. The Newman Centre Pastoral Visitors represent Christ and the Church to patients at Mount Sinai and Princess Margaret Hospitals in downtown Toronto, as well as to the homes of sick members of the parish and neighborhood. The greatest gift of the pastoral visitor is a willingness to listen. In addition, the pastoral visitor can offer prayer, share Scripture, and bring Communion to those in hospital or at home. They have completed the Certificate Program of the Archdiocese of Toronto Office of Lay Ministries and Institutional Chaplaincy. This program has prepared them to develop the helping skills necessary for ministry to the sick and dying. Our volunteers work with each hospital's chaplain.


How do I get involved?

To volunteer as a Lay Pastoral Visitor to the Sick and Dying, please contact Alexandra Whittle at:






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