The idea that we must be baptized in order to gain salvation comes from John's Gospel. In it Jesus says, "No one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit" (John 3:5) Identifying with his people's sinfulness, Jesus allowed himself to be baptized at the hands of John to demonstrate his solidarity with the people and to signal the beginning of the Messianic Age that John had promised.

After Jesus' baptism, John's mission was accomplished and Jesus took center stage. Later, Jesus would commission his apostles to go baptize all nations [Matthew 28:19]. This baptism would not be a baptism of repentance but a baptism of water and the Spirit, which would signify that the baptized had found Jesus and were living in forgiveness and freedom.

Since the 5th century the church has allowed infants to be baptized, with an emphasis on the role of the parents and godparents in raising the child in the practice of the Christian faith, a well as providing a good role model for the child.  

In the Newman Centre Parish Community, we welcome the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism for infants and very young children of our parish families who attend mass regularly and are registered members of the Newman Centre. For those who do not belong to our parish community, permission from one’s parish priest will need to be obtained first.  If you are interested in having your infant or young child baptized, please contact Fr. Peter Turrone at the Newman Centre using the contact form to arrange an appointment.


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