Catholicism as Truth - Krishna Joseph Vaz Santhakumar

I was baptized at the Newman Centre during the Easter of 2017. I wouldn’t really claim, however, that it was the moment of my conversion. My baptism gave me new life, the only problem was that I knew not what that entailed. If you can tell by my first and last name, I grew up a Hindu for most of my life; I was not necessarily devout, but I did think of myself as a believer. I took pride in identifying as a Hindu. In my earlier years of high school, I resorted to atheism and in my last two years I converted to some type of deism, and thus began my journey.

Role of Conscience in Healthcare Professions

The Role of Conscience in Health Care
by Sr. Ann McGill fcJ 

On Friday evening April 17, 2015, approximately thirty people drawn mainly from the health care professions participated in a most engaging conversation at the Newman Centre with Dr. Bridget Campion, a Bioethicist and Researcher with the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute.

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